Results of the Selection of Participants in the Professional Integration HUB Program

2/5/20242 min read

Following the selection process, 13 finalists of the Professional Integration HUB program will begin their internships in Austrian organizations in early March 2024

On January 24, the results of the selection of participants in the Professional Integration HUB program were announced. Thirteen finalists will undergo a 3-month internship in leading institutions and organizations in Austria. The program is designed for Ukrainian professionals residing in Austria due to russia's war against Ukraine, aiming to facilitate their integration into the European professional environment. The project is initiated and funded by ERSTE Foundation and implemented by the European Centre for Freedom and Independence.

Applications were accepted from December 4, 2023, to January 7, 2024. During the five weeks, the project team received 220 applications from Ukrainian professionals, which proves high interest and demand for the initiative. The "Professional Integration HUB" was initially planned for 12 participants, and the selection process determined the final number.

Concluded on February 1, 2024, the selection process consisted of three stages: technical selection, intermediate interviews with representatives of ERSTE Foundation and the European Centre for Freedom and Independence, and final interviews with representatives of the institutions hosting the interns. Key requirements included residence and work permits in Austria, proficiency in English, higher education and work experience in the various fields depending on internship position. Additionally, internship hosts had their specific requirements.


Statistics show that the majority of applications came from women (87%) with an average age of 37 years old, currently residing in Vienna and its satellites (73%), with a high level of English proficiency (88.7%) and intermediate German skills (60.7%), without permanent employment (61%), but with strong professional background. Most of the applicants have experience in the public sector and business. Representatives of civil society and the NGO sector are in minority.

Most of the participants come from middle rank management. A Considerable part is composed of teachers, university professors, and researchers, as well as entrepreneurs, individual players, freelancers, consultants in different fields, from art to grant management. Small number of applicants come from top management positions, CEOs and owners of small businesses.


The project team selected 13 professionals from Ukraine residing in Austria to participate in the program. From March 4 to May 31, 2024, participants will undergo a paid internship in leading Austrian institutions and organizations.

  • Mariana Strepko – Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research of Austria;

  • Daria Driuchenko – Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts, Civil Service, and Sport of Austria;

  • Viktoria Shvaher, Kateryna Tymoshenko – Caritas Austria;

  • Olena Sushkova – ERSTE Foundation;

  • Olesia Kyselova, Olena Tereshchuk – Austrian Integration Fund;

  • Kateryna Tebiakina – European Forum Alpbach;

  • Maria Pylypenko – Belvedere Museum;

  • Matilda Cherednichenko – Salzburger Kunstverein;

  • Anastasia Teslenko – Viennacontemporary;

  • Nataliia Sherimbetova, Khrystyna Skorokhod – WIENXTRA.

Prior to the internship, from February 2 to 29, participants will attend an intensive German language course provided by the Austrian Integration Fund specifically for the program. Additionally, the program includes six study visits and joint meetings for participants.

Thank you to everyone who applied to the program. We look forward to your participation in future initiatives of the "Professional Integration HUB" and the European Centre for Freedom and Independence!

More information about the Professional Integration HUB program and updates can be found on the website and social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.